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This website is designed to help you find answers to your questions about real estate in Toronto. Whether you live in our great city or are planning to relocate, you will find here information about the real estate market, and about houses, condos and lofts available for sale.

Access to Toronto Real Estate website provides links to Toronto MLS listings, as well as select neighbourhood information. You can request photos and listings of suitable properties. You can also find out about real estate financing options for both residential and investment purchases, learn about Toronto schools and check out what Toronto has to offer.

Marisha Robinsky is a Toronto Realtor who has been assisting clients with house, condo and loft purchases and sales since 1987.

Toronto real estate market

February 20, 2014: Toronto is experiencing a really snowy February, and the pace of sales reflects that, and the shortage of freehold houses available for sale.

Following are results in a few neighbourhoods for the period of Febuary 1, 2014 and Febuary 20, 2014 - both freehold houses and condos.

Neighbourhood   Active   Sold cond.   Sold firm   Average % list
The Beach 47 3 21 103%
Bloor West 13 1 3 102%
High Park N 23 1 5 107%
Roncesvalles 22 2 3 109%
Prime Riverdale 11 1 2 103%
Rosedale 64 3 16 100%
Annex 139 4 13 103%
Lawrence Park  29 4 18 102%

It is important to mention that, while the Annex has the largest number of available listings, at 139, 120 of these are condos and conto townhouses.

Toronto Land Transfer Tax

On October 22 2007, despite much opposition and lobbying from Toronto Real Estate Board and its many members, Toronto City Council approved a new land transfer tax. That tax took effect on February 1, 2008.

Real Estate Tastes Change

Whether you are planning to sell your home and considering some changes to make it more attractive to prospective buyers, or thinking of updates to your residence, it might be worthwhile to consider present trends in home exteriors and interiors.

Victorian homes in Toronto

Victorian interiorAmong many styles of older homes in Toronto, Victorian homes enjoy great popularity. The reasons for Torontonians' love for Victorian homes are many: extraordinarely high ceilings, beautiful woodwork, detailed finishes and lovely stained glass being the ones that immediately come to mind.

Victorian gableKnown for their old-time charm and graceful beauty, today Victorian homes may need more renovation than a casual look will show. Although built in times when tradespeople took great pride in their work, not all of these homes were built for wealthy owners, and, therefore, not all of them were constructed to high standards using high quality materials.

Home sales in Roncesvalles Village

December 2008. Roncesvalles Village acquired its Polish flavour in the 1980s, when large number of Polish immigrants settled in the area and opened many stores and restaurants there. During the last real estate boom in the late 1980s, High Park real estate prices became prohibitive for first time buyers, and many young families moved into the Village. They found there pleasant and family-oriented neighbourhood, great shopping on Roncesvalles Avenue, many cafes and restaurants, easy commute downtown, and short distance to one of the most popular Toronto parks.

Home sales in High Park

December 2008. High Park neighbourhood consists of two parts: the area north of Bloor Street, which was once part of West Toronto Junction, was incorporated into the City of Toronto in 1909. The area south of Bloor Street..

Home sales in Swansea

December 2008. A very popular neighbourhood, Swansea is located south of Bloor Street, between Humber River on the west and High Park on the east. Sloping down towards the lake, Swansea residents enjoy views of tall High Park trees, waters of Lake Ontario, and nature surrounding Grenadier Pond and Humber River.

Georgian Homes in Toronto

Georgian residenceToronto's history is not long by European standards - it goes back only a couple of centuries - but our city has some very interesting residential architecture. The oldest existing house in Toronto might be a log cabin dating to the 1790s, which is located on the grounds of the Guild Inn in Scarborough.

"How do I get out of this deal?" --The 10-day Rescission Period for New Condominiums

Courtesy of Martin K.I. Rumack, 416-961-3441, e-mail

Let's say that after a grueling search, you've finally found the right condominium for you. You strike a deal with the developer, make the necessary financing arrangements with the bank, and sign on the dotted line.

Buying a property in Toronto: Mortgage financing information for non-residents

Properties in Toronto are popular investments. Ontario has no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate. Once you have decided to purchase in Toronto, a common question is - how do I get financing - in other words, a mortgage?

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